at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Virtual Environments Staff

Kevin Ponto

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Principal Investigator

Kevin Ponto is Assistant Professor in the Design Studies Department in the School of Human Ecology and faculty in the Virtual Environments Group (formerly the Living Environments Lab) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Karen Schloss

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Assistant Professor, Psychology

Karen Schloss is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the Department of Psychology and Wisconsin
Institute for Discovery.

Ross Tredinnick

Credentials: MS

Position title: Systems Programmer

Since joining WID in 2012, Tredinnick has been involved in a multitude of collaborative research projects, ranging from the digital humanities to astrophysics and cultural preservation to healthcare in the home.

Bryce Sprecher

Position title: Research Assistant

Catherine Arnott-Smith

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Discovery Fellow

Catherine’s current interests include consumer health vocabulary, consumer comprehension of clinical text in various environments including personal health records and electronic medical records.

Melissa Schoenlein

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Graduate Assistant, Psychology

Melissa Schoenlein is a Ph.D. student whose research interests is the role of perceptual features (e.g. color) in cognitive processing and information visualization

Kudirat Alimi

Position title: Undergraduate Assistant

Jack Dong

Position title: Undergraduate Assistant

Kaldan Kopp

Position title: Undergraduate Assistant

Akash Mallepally

Credentials: Undergraduate Assistant

Tabbi Morello

Credentials: Undergraduate Assistant